September’s arrival inevitably brings with it anticipation for the new iPhone, with Apple making a habit of unveiling new models at the start of autumn (or ‘fall’, for our American cousins).

The newest reveal – set for September 9 – isn’t likely to be a revolutionary one, though, as Apple is expected to continue its tradition of updating its existing models every other year. As such, analysts aren’t holding their breath for the iPhone 7, but instead a new version of last year’s iPhone 6, following the same trend that brought about the 5s and 5c models in 2013.

Apple is a notoriously secretive company and this new unveiling looks to be no different. All that’s been offered to anyone eagerly awaiting these new products is the line: “Hey Siri, give us a hint.”

In terms of new iPhone models, this offers precious little, as many expect it to relate to Apple TV integration for Apple’s famous voice assistant.

iOS9-6s-5Up-Features-PR-PRINTOn the subject of Siri, some insiders think it will become more proactive at recognising user behaviour, although none of this has been confirmed by any official sources.

Elsewhere, the new iPhone is expected to have a longer battery life and see improvements to built-in apps such as Notes and Maps. Apple’s famed visuals (as evidenced in any of the company’s TV ads) are set to feature heavily in a new News app, which could give users their daily updates in a similar format to popular magazines.

Though little has been officially confirmed, it appears the new iPhone release date will be 25th September. Of course, this didn’t come from Apple itself, but instead leaked emails from Vodafone which appeared to confirm that the device will be able to buy some two weeks and two days after being revealed. Pre-orders are likely to open one week before devices go on sale, on 18th September.

Vodafone’s leaked email doesn’t necessarily mean that the release date is set in stone, though. French site Mac4Ever has a different view, claiming instead the release will follow Apple’s trend of making its devices available one week after unveiling. It says instead that pre-orders will open on Friday (11th September), before going on sale exactly one week later.