Cyan marks its tenth anniversary with a rebrand

When you name your business Cyan, you accept that your branding is always going to come back to the colour and, over the years, that same bright blue you see on your colour toner cartridges has featured strongly in our logos and letterheads.

This December will mark our tenth anniversary and our company has grown and diversified in many ways since we first incorporated in 2005. So we felt now would be the right time to realign our logo and branding, both to mark the occasion and better reflect the current day values of our business.

A cyan of the times

Cyan Marketing LogoTaking a fresh look at our colour and namesake, we reconfirmed a truth we have known for years: that despite the usual association with blue, there is actually more than one cyan out there.

To printers, cyan is blue, which is one of the primary subtractive colours. However, the web colour cyan is more synonymous with aqua. Some other varieties in the colour range are teal, turquoise, electric blue and aquamarine. Yes, it turns out that cyan means different things to different people.

With this in mind, we set about steering our corporate colours away from the previous solid blue we had been using towards something fresher, with more variety that would match the diversification of our service offering. A ‘cyan of the times’ if you will. Our decision to use a gradient from the blue to the green varieties of cyan, has resulted in a much wider palette for us to play with and provided a new vibrancy thanks to the emerging green hues.

New logo and trading name

Next, we reviewed our logo. We know that simple, font-based designs are very much on-trend at the moment because we see companies actively avoiding heavily engineered imagery. We agree that this simply isn’t necessary. With the right typeface, you can still create a memorable brand that achieves the same impact without all the fuss and resizing issues that can arise with more intricate artwork.

Our new Cyan logo has been created using a typeface that is quirky and distinctive yet decipherable. The ‘A’ is a modern take on our standard letter set, and has been used to convey our creative abilities and love for contemporary design. Meanwhile, the curves of the font depict the fun and open-minded personality of our business.

Another marketing challenge we wanted to address as part of this general rebrand was the name our business is known by. We first incorporated in 2005 as Cyan Distribution Ltd, at a time when a specialist division of our business was actually involved in distributing a software utility via a reseller network. We ceased this activity in 2007 and, as our activities have increasingly focussed on general marketing services for SME businesses, we have gradually become known by clients as either ‘Cyan’ or ‘Cyan Marketing’.

Hence the official introduction this month of a new trading name, Cyan Marketing. It’s how we’ll be referring to ourselves from now on, it’s written loud and proud in our logo and it features in our new domain name for both web and email, which changes from to with effect from Friday 18th September.

We love our new name and our new branding and we hope you do too. We would love to receive your feedback on our new website and look forward to continuing to work with our amazing customers over the next ten years to come.