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Digital marketing trends every business must consider for the New Year

For companies looking to schedule their marketing activity over the coming 12 months, digital marketing will undoubtedly play a lead role in their plans.

But which channels should your business be using and what kind of content is on trend? Our first blog of 2018 examines some important developments that must be considered in order to make a success of your online campaigns this year.

It will pay to advertise on Facebook

Last week, Facebook announced big changes to its algorithm that will dramatically affect the way your business content appears online. The company is clamping down on ‘irrelevant’ content whilst prioritising posts that encourage a ’social connection’ -basically, Facebook wants to encourage content that sparks a conversation.

Furthermore, the organic reach of business posts is being reduced further, which means people who have liked your business page are now very unlikely to ever see the content you post in the news feed unless you boost these posts through paid advertising.

Both developments will make Facebook advertising an essential part of your marketing strategy if you want to make any meaningful inroads via this social media channel.

Digital marketing – consolidate and conquer

In terms of social media, 2018 could be a year for consolidation. Many companies today find themselves struggling to maintain multiple accounts with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and, well, the list goes on…

Your marketing resolution for 2018 should be to concentrate on the channels that are working best and ease back on those that have become a drain on your time.

Following its acquisition by Microsoft, LinkedIn underwent something of an overhaul in 2017 with considerable investment in its advertising platform. Its user base is much smaller than the likes of Facebook or Instagram, but this is expected to grow in 2018 and if your customers are other businesses, you would be well advised to invest time in LinkedIn this year.

Meanwhile, Instagram skyrocketed in 2017 to become the second largest social media platform. Experts are backing further enhancements to its advertising platform and, if your customers are direct consumers, it will certainly be worth investing digital marketing time to Instagram this year.

Video content is king

Video and especially live video is the prevailing content right now and this is expected to continue throughout 2018. Social media channels favour this content for its high levels of engagement and authenticity.

Many businesses still consider video to be unobtainable, but this need not be the case. Big budgets and professional videographers do necessarily produce the best results and the smartphone in your pocket can capture a very effective 30-60 clip if you have something interesting, informative and – above all else – ‘relevant’ to share with your audience.

GDPR and opt-in data

The new GDPR regulations, which come into effect on 25th May 2018, will have far-reaching implications for all EU businesses with marketing being one important aspect that requires your immediate attention.

Opt-in permission (or more precisely, ‘double opt-in’ permission) is going to be a legal requirement after this date, which will almost certainly mean changes to the way your business collects, stores and markets to customer and prospect data alike. Website encryption using an SSL certificate is also highly recommended. In short:

If you have not already considered the impact GDPR will have on your marketing for 2018, you need to organise an urgent review of the data collection processes running through your websites, email marketing platforms and social media channels.

Since GDPR means you will be asking people to actively consent to receiving specific types of communications from you (news, upgrades, special offers etc.) this will inevitably lead to a reduction in the size of your contact lists. But, this is a good thing! The people on your opt-in list will be far more engaged and your campaigns will produce greater results. A classic case of less is more.

Contact Cyan Marketing for further advice on GDPR and social media marketing

So here’s to a successful year of marketing for all. Our firm prediction is that digital marketing will remain the most cost-effective way of promoting your business in the modern age. But it is essential you consider some of the major changes outlined above. Together with its partners, web design company Cyan Marketing will be working hard this year to keep its clients’ online campaigns both profitable and fully compliant.

To discuss any of the issues contained within this blog, please contact us on or call 01268 778555.