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Get your New Year’s marketing off to a flying start

January is often considered a challenging month for businesses. But while some may experience a dip in sales following the festive period, this month can also present a great opportunity to connect with customers in a unique and positive way.

By focusing on the January mindset and implementing this within your marketing strategies, you can turn a typically quiet month into a time for new engagement, reflection and growth.

Embrace the January blues

Offer comfort and positivity: People are missing the joy of the festive season. So, try extending the comfort of Christmas with a cosy promotion, share some heart-warming content or host a positive event that highlights the opportunities that 2024 will bring.

Soften the landing: People are coming back down to earth with a bump in January, so a few promotions and discounts may help soften their landing. But whilst January sales are a long-held tradition, remember that some of the best value you can offer customers this month is your time and expertise in planning for the year ahead.

Humour and light-heartedness: Don’t shy away from a little humour! Create relatable content about surviving January, run light-hearted contests, or share amusing pictures to build rapport with your audience.

Help clients achieve their New Year’s resolutions

Health and performance: The new year is a time for reflection, so remember to focus on the products and services that will improve the health and performance of your clients’ businesses. Organise an open evening to showcase the ways in which you can help them achieve their objectives and incentivise attendance with a special offer.

Financial resolutions: In January, your customers will be reviewing their business plans and budgeting for the year ahead. Offer free consultations and educational webinars, or publish blogs and case studies that provide hard evidence of the return on investment your services will deliver.

Personal growth resolutions: Cater to self-improvement goals with digital workshops, courses, or productivity tools. Highlight how your products and services will help your customers’ staff achieve their personal aspirations.

Get creative with January events

Dry January or Veganuary: Embrace the theme of healthy living. Work with local bars and restaurants to raise awareness of non-alcoholic drinks and vegan menu choices for those participating in these popular January challenges.

National Clean Off Your Desk Day (8th January): Host a virtual decluttering challenge or offer advice on tidying your workspace for a productive new year.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (15th January): Organise a volunteering event for your colleagues or customers and share the results or highlight your commitment to social responsibility and diversity.

National Fun at Work Day (26th January): The last Friday in January! If your staff have managed to survive the first long month of the year, why not take them out to celebrate and post pictures on your social media channels.

3 hot tips for a cold winter month

  • Keep it seasonal: Use winter imagery and January-themed content to keep your messaging relevant and timely.
  • Focus on value: Offer discounts, promotions, or free resources to incentivise engagement during this budget-conscious month.
  • Be positive and encouraging: January can be a challenging month for many so spread positivity whilst planning for the opportunities that lie ahead.

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