When Marlin Catering Services asked Cyan to develop an ecommerce store and news blog, it didn’t take long for the creative juices to begin flowing.

Former chefs Mike and Karl have built, designed and worked in enough kitchens to really know what matters to a chef. But this creative pair also brought a very clear idea of what they wanted from their website.

From a design perspective, Cyan is used to leading from the front. When a client first commissions us to develop a new online store, we start by researching and analysing their competitors’ websites in order to establish industry trends and make recommendations on how a competitive edge might be established.

But by the time we sat down with Mike Joslin to discuss design concepts and page layouts, he was already half way there. The meeting was one of the most dynamic interchanges we’ve ever had with a customer, and the creativity he learned in the kitchen appeared to draw parallels with web design. Strangely, this has never worked the other way though, since Cyan designers are still fairly average cooks!

  • SagePay secure payment gateway

  • WooCommerce store

  • WordPress blog

Cyan took our ideas and made them work online and we’re delighted with the results. They give you tools and teach you the skills to manage your own site, whilst taking care of the tricky stuff you don’t need to know. A great bunch of guys who we would recommend without hesitation.

Mike Joslin, Marlin Catering Services