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The design of a logo the world will see – Rio 2016 Olympics

A logo for an event needs to convey a sense of the event itself, which is a challenging feat for such a small emblem. And when the event is the Olympics a logo that many people around the world will see the pressure mounts further. The Rio 2016 logo design competition winner was Brazilian agency Tátil Design de Ideas, having been required to submit an almost complete logo design to compete against 138 other agencies.


For Tátil Design de Ideas they wanted to represent a sense of the energy in Brazil and of the games itself. Inspiration often comes from a variety of sources when working on any design and this design was no different. Frederick Gelli the creative director says that “I had the idea of the 3D logo when I was swimming at Ipanema Beach…All of the curves of the logo shapes come from the mountains in Rio de Janeiro” (via Creative Bloq)

Colour is also always important in a design and again Brazils culture and landscape inspired the colours of the logo with greens from the forests, blue their oceans yellow/orange associated with the warm temperatures of Brazil.

Choosing the infinity symbol as a basis for the design was a first step as it makes “the logo so strong because it has a good meaning in all the cultures — with union and force. People see a lot of different meanings in it that we didn’t intentionally put there. The mayor of Rio said he could see Rio in it,”

We can see Rio too but perhaps you see what you want to see, and this also goes to show the importance of meanings hidden or intentional that your logo may show!