The three R’s of successful web design

We’re all familiar with the notion of “the three R’s” when referring to the basic skills they teach us all at school: reading, writing and arithmetic. But how ironic that in an expression concerned with literacy and education, only one of these skills actually begins with the letter ‘R’? So we decided to put this phrase to better use.

Below we present Cyan Marketing’s own three R’s for successful web design: responsive, relevant, ranking.

1. Responsive web design

rrr-blogOver half the visitors to your website these days are connecting via a mobile device of some kind and this is why a responsive (or mobile-friendly) web design is so important. Smartphones and tablets come in many different shapes, so your site needs the ability to dynamically adjust content to optimise the viewing and interaction experience for a range of screen sizes.

How can you tell if your website has a mobile-friendly design? If you’re on a PC, try resizing your browser window to check whether your site’s content automatically adjusts itself to fill the screen as the window becomes narrower. Better still, run this mobile-friendly test on Google’s site.

All websites created by Cyan Marketing include responsive design features as standard, thereby ensuring that your visitors can read page content clearly whatever device they are using. This is absolutely crucial to your online success since Google stated in April 2015 it would only be giving priority to mobile-friendly sites in its search results.

2. Relevant content

Relevant content and relevancy have become popular buzz words in digital marketing over recent years but they mean different things to different people. If you’re speaking to an SEO expert, relevant content means text that is packed full of key search phrases. For marketing gurus, relevant content means the kind of web copy that is going to engage your readership or add value to your products and services. One thing is certain. Without an easily updateable blog, neither of the above will be possible.

Not only does Cyan Marketing include blog functionality in 95% of all websites it designs these days, our team will also train your team on how to use it. So it will be simple for you to post regular news updates, new product information or helpful tips and tricks articles like this one. Make your content relevant and clients will keep coming back for more.

3. Ranking

The trick to winning new business online is to achieve good rankings with Google and other search engines for your industry’s key search phrases. So how can you get yourself noticed?

Google has been very clear that without a responsive design and relevant content, your website will never rank strongly. So there are our 3 R’s for successful web design right there. To achieve number 3, you’ll need to address 1 and 2 first.

Cyan Marketing installs SEO (search engine optimisation) plug-ins with every website it builds, enabling you to target key search phrases quickly and easily. In competitive markets, additional work may also be required to achieve the results you desire and we can provide these services too. But without a mobile-friendly site and the ability to add new, relevant content quickly and easily, you’ll never outrank your competitors in Google’s search results.