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Why you should be using video content on your website

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much can you attribute to a video? Well, according to Forrester Research you can indeed put a figure on it – a whopping 1.8 million, and that’s for just a one-minute video. So, if you don’t use video content on your website yet, you need to start. Here’s why.

Drive actions on your website

Any webmaster worth their salt will have actions on their site they want users to take – most often a purchase or to register interest. Video content makes it much easier to transform a casual browser into a warm lead ready to take action.

The Online Publishers Association found that 80% of web users remember the videos they watched on business websites up to and over a whole month afterwards. Of these, some 46% took action after watching the video.

One of the best ways to drive actions is through video testimonials. People buy from people, so the saying goes, and so including real faces to extol the virtues of your business is the surest way to allay customer fears and get them from consideration to action.

Speak to people

In today’s congested marketplace it’s more important than ever to speak to customers directly and showcase why you’re the business for them. Videos allow you to get your brand values and personality across in an instant. Whether you’re formal and reassuring or offbeat and fun, there’s nothing more effective than video for showcasing these attributes quickly and effectively.

Boost your SEO

Think that words on a page are all Google considers? Think again.

It has long been suspected that average time on page (or dwell time) is a major driver in Google’s notoriously secretive algorithm. It makes sense – if a user spends a long time on a page, you can quite confidently assume that they’re engaged with the content and it’s of high quality.

Videos are an ideal way to improve this dwell time. By embedding a video onto your page, visitors will stay there to watch it – boosting the average time on page and sending your authority in Google’s eyes skywards too.

If all this has got you thinking about including more video content on your website, speak to us now for more insight and to discover how Cyan Marketing can help you take advantage of the opportunities that video content provides.